TOW February 10th

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by CoachesCorner, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    First I would like to say this TOW was the most competitive yet, and that is a great sign for the site. Final table was split between 3 teams Bazinga with 4 members, Amigos and Rush with 3 apiece.. it literally was anyones game and that made for an awesome final table. Some great teamplay.. some bad beats and the usual fatcat rivers were plentiful on the final table for and against each team

    Hopefully each of these teams gets more and more players out weekly, and in the future other teams also rise to create even more team competition down the road

    Congrats to Bazinga for their streak of 10 consecutive wins that was simply an amazing show of team commitment and teamplay....kudos to you.

    Thank you to the members of Rush that showed up to play.... RRP to you all
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  2. MissMousse

    MissMousse New Member Chief Bazinga

    Rush, congratulations on your TOW win today. Great playing by your members.
  3. GOBBY

    GOBBY New Member Bazinga

    Congratulations to Royal Rush on your first team of the week win
  4. HappyKampr

    HappyKampr New Member AMIGOS

    WTG Rush on your big TOW this week...:D
  5. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    TYVM and once again hopefully going forward the TOW gets more and more competitive, I truly enjoyed that game and the aspect that it wasnt decided before the final table. 3 teams all had a shot and that is fantastic
  6. Catman

    Catman New Member

    Congrats Royal Rush well played. :)

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