TOW Aug 11th results

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by CoachesCorner, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    Congrats to book for finishing in 1st place well done great playing .

    Big thanks to all rushies who played and helped us to our 3rd TOW win in a row... 6 entered and all 6 in the points RRP to you all

    Was a smaller turnout over all this week hopefully it was just due to summer vacations for the lower attendance and it will pick back up again to 3 tables soon

  2. bookworm

    bookworm New Member

    Thank you Coach and congratulations on you team's win
  3. Vicvector

    Vicvector New Member RoyalRUSH

    WTG RUSHIES !!!! RRP !!!! The table lag got so bad for me I couldn't even see my dealt cards. Reloading the table didn't help at all. No cache problems. I had to reboot and by that time I was kicked out. I have over a 50 meg average internet connect speed so I do not understand why this site slows to a crawl for me. I have no problems anywhere else. I know, bitching won't help but this kind of thing is very discouraging to a lot of us. At least I finished 6th and it was good to see you all. !
  4. CoachesCorner

    CoachesCorner New Member Chief RoyalRUSH

    My speed is a bit faster and I too get lag occasionally , but not to the point you seem to have, I am at a loss as to why it affects you so bad and was good to see you also that way we all know you and Sunny are ok... which is always great to see
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  5. SlippinJimmy

    SlippinJimmy New Member

    Congrats Rush, well done. Sorry about your technical issues Vic - that stinks. And Bookworm - kudos on playing an outstanding game!
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  6. BigC

    BigC New Member RoyalRUSH

    I hear ya Vic i seen a lag a cpl of times but nothing that held me up till the end....I have satellite and a thunderbumper moved over blocked my signal grrrr....I got back i seen you and coach were gone and i had 400 chips left and watched myself go poof lol...

    It was a great game by all considering the technical probs we had...
    I have to say wtg to JB for some awesome playing and team play..
    Wtg RoyalRUSH..;) you all rock.

    Big Congrats to bookworm on her win wtg book...:cool:
  7. MissMousse

    MissMousse New Member Chief Bazinga

    Bookworm, congratulations for winning the game and SlippinJimmy for placing second.

    Rush nice team win.
  8. HappyKampr

    HappyKampr New Member AMIGOS

    WTG and congrats Book :cool:;) for your big Team Win.....WOOTERS....HK
  9. screwball

    screwball New Member AMIGOS

    Great playing bookworm!!! Great win! Nice team win Rush!

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