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    Submit Hand Bonus

    Its working as intended, granted I was informed some time ago that you don't need to play the hand to redeem it. I'm unsure if I'll fix that since teams can fold, say, a four of a kind to help a team mate and still get credit for it. At 22:15 server time you had 2,522,844 chips. At 23:01 You...
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    Lets see your GREAT hands!!

    My bad, had a comma in the wrong spot.
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    Lets see your GREAT hands!!

    Its working now (should be).
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    Submit Bonus Hands

    Yes, I think I wrote in a 30 day redemption period due to the old round format though. I'll probably end up removing the 30 day limit sometime.
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    Submit Bonus Hands

    Thanks, I'll have that fixed soon.
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    Take Seat Button

    Since there is some issues with the new lobby and ToW will begin of an hour or so. The old lobby is back for the remainder of the day. The take seat button was mis-coded since I was tryng to add the option to automatically open the table (if you registered).
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    Team Scores

    I'll try and have something up by the end of today.
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    No leaderboard

    Yea, I was re-working them since the round length among other things are changing. I'm also changing the file structure. I'll Try and have something basic soon. -Edit Chip leader board and Free-Roll league is up including last rounds winners.
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    Fatcat Ladies vs Fatcat Men's

    Oops, I'll recreate it for another day/time that Alex would like.
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    New Lobby Ideas?

    So I've lately been working on a new lobby to add and change some things. So far the changes I've made are, Any game that starts in less than an hour will show the number of minutes left before it starts. Any game that starts in less than a minute will show the seconds. All the ring tables was...
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    Sitting time

    I changed it to be longer.
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    I Apologize

    There has been some accusations that was made Saturday evening during Team of the Week who started what and who is to blame. So I'm listing the chat from the game below and everyone can make their own educated conclusions rather than "he said/she said" ordeal...
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    I Apologize

    Saturday night, I was the first time in 9 years I was legitimately mad to the point I stopped caring and lost my cool. At the time I was considering leaving the server shut down indefinitely as I'm done with the drama, accusations about me, and what I perceived as disrespect towards me via...
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    Updates Site Changes - MoW, Teams, & Rounds

    Member of the Week The Member of the week game is now discontinued. Since Member of the Week title is recognized by its corresponding game, the front page slot will be changed to a similar name. Player of the Week This will replace Member of the Week on the front page. Player of the Week will...
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    Updated Poker Cards

    I've updated the poker cards at the tables. Clubs are now Green. Diamonds are now Blue. Replaced the ten's "T" with "10". Hopefully these changes help those having issues with distinguishing clubs from spades. If you have any troubles with the cards changing, please clear you cache...