Current Standings
Type Date Chips Balance
Chips Transfers You Recived.
Type Date Chips From User Coments
toTeam2018-09-03 15:11:0550000jmbotfor amigos games
toTeam2018-06-30 15:24:2830000screwballTOW 2nd
toTeam2018-06-30 15:17:58100000GOBBYtow 1st 30.06.18
toTeam2018-06-24 08:32:2515000screwball
toTeam2018-06-24 07:45:5135000CoachesCornerTOW bonus
toTeam2018-06-24 05:21:2125000GOBBYtow 2nd place 23.06.18
toTeam2018-06-17 10:58:2520000CoachesCornerTOW bonus
toTeam2018-06-17 08:53:5115000screwball
toTeam2018-06-17 07:07:1725000GOBBYTOW 1st place 16.06.18
toTeam2018-06-10 09:22:5220000CoachesCornerTOW bonus
toTeam2018-06-09 15:26:5220000screwball
toTeam2018-06-09 15:12:3225000GOBBYTOW 1st place
toTeam2018-06-04 14:39:4250000screwballtow 2nd
toTeam2018-06-04 11:24:5325000CoachesCornerTOW bonus
toTeam2018-06-04 10:27:1875000GOBBYTOW 1st place
toTeam2018-03-18 10:17:3030000GOBBYto start off team pot
Chips Transfers You Made.
Type Date Chips To User Coments

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